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Toronto Pride Parade

Proud Anglicans is going to be in both the Toronto Pride Parade on Sunday 30 June, and in the Trans March on Friday 28 June -- see below for details on the Trans March.

Pride Parade:

Toronto Pride is coming on Sunday 30 June, and Proud Anglicans will be there. If you're within range of Toronto, please join us! If you would like to march, please come to the steps of St Paul's Bloor St for 2:30pm (we are group C25, between C24 Presbyterian Pride, and C26 MCCToronto). Proud Anglicans will also be distributing free water to thirsty marchers, waiting on Bloor St for it to be their turn to join the parade. If you would prefer to stay in one place (and away from crushing crowds), please consider coming to help dole out the water.

In any case, the best way to come from distance is by subway -- get out at Sherbourne and walk west (Wellesley and Bloor/Yonge will put you out into the crowds). Prepare for the weather, bring water bottles and sunscreen. We will have Proud Anglicans vests and placards. If you are clergy, please wear a dark clerical shirt -- it really makes a difference to the impact we have on the crowd.

This year, for logistical reasons, we are unable to have the bus. Apologies. We're hoping to have the bus return in 2025.

If you are coming (individually, or parish groups), would you let us know? email (later on, call Chris -- I'm 444.4169 in scenic 647).

Trans March

The Trans March is Friday evening 28 June, and Proud Anglicans will be there too. Please meet us at 7:30pm at the south-east corner of Church and Gloucester (next to the Hasty Mart), and we'll join the march from there.

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