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Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people can be sure they’ll receive a welcome in many Anglican parish churches across Canada. Here is a list of welcoming parishes in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario (Dioceses of Brandon, Mishamikoweesh, and Rupert's Land). [updated June 2021]


St. John's Anglican Cathedral
135 Anderson Avenue Winnipeg (Anderson at St Cross St, near the river)
Sunday services: 10:30am
204-586-8385 | email | website | Facebook

All Saints Church
521 Broadway, Winnipeg Corner of Broadway and Osborne
Services: Sunday 9am spoken BCP; Sunday 11am sung BAS
204-786-4765 | email | website | Facebook

Centre for Christian Studies
c/o Woodsworth House, 60 Maryland Street, Winnipeg
The Centre for Christian Studies is a theological school and a welcoming institution, affirming gays and lesbians within the church.
204-783-4490 | email | website | Facebook

Chapel of St John the Evangelist
St John's College, University of Manitoba, 92 Dysart Road, Winnipeg, MB
Services: Regularly during academic term; please see website for details
204-474-7980 | email | website

Good Shepherd
933 Summerside Avenue, Winnipeg two blocks north of Killarney Ave and Pembina Hwy
Sunday 9:00am / Summer at 9:30am
204-269-2362 | mailform | website

St Bartholomew
881 Autumnwood Drive, Winnipeg Corner of Autumnwood Drive and De Bourmont Avenue
Sunday Services: 8:30 and 10:30am
204-257-8594 | email | website

St Benedict's Table
521 Broadway, Winnipeg Corner of Broadway and Osborne -- in the All Saints building
Sunday evening services: 7:00pm
204-781-8450 | email | website | Facebook

St Chad
400 Rouge Road, Winnipeg (worshipping in the sanctuary at Messiah Lutheran Church)
Sunday services: 9:30am
204-832-7195 | email | website | Facebook

St. Francis
253 Burrin Ave, Winnipeg corner of Burrin and Aikins
Sunday services: 11:00am
204-334-6753 | email | website | Facebook

St. George, Crescentwood
168 Wilton Street, Winnipeg corner of Grosvenor Av
Sunday services: 10:30am
204-453-5642 | email | website | Facebook

St. George, Transcona
321 Pandora Ave West, Winnipeg three blocks east of Day St
Services: 10:30am
204-222-1942 | email | website | Facebook

St Luke
130 Nassau Street North, Winnipeg corner of Stradbrook Av
Sunday services: 8:15 and 10:30am
204-452-3609 | email | website | Facebook

St Mary, Charleswood
3830 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg corner of Haney St, south end of the Moray Bridge
Sunday services: 10:00am
204-832-1302 | email | website | Facebook

St Mary Magdalene
3 St Vital Road, Winnipeg in the St Vital area, south end of the city, just off St Mary's Road
Sunday services at: 10:30am
204-253-0555 | email | website | Facebook

St Matthew
641 St Matthews Ave, Winnipeg at Maryland Street, one block north of Portage Ave
Sunday services: 10:30am
204-774-1846 | email | website | Facebook

St. Paul, Fort Garry
830 North Drive Winnipeg at Point Rd
Sunday services: 10:00 am
204-475-7549 | email | website | Facebook

St. Peter
755 Elm Street, Winnipeg at Grant Ave
Sunday services: 10:30am
204-488-8093 | mailform | website | Facebook

NB: Since 2014, some northwestern Ontario parishes formerly in the Diocese of Keewatin are now in the Diocese of Rupert's Land. Please go to the Northern Ontario page and the "West of Thunder Bay" subheading for any LGBT-friendly parishes in that region.

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