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21-banner-cropped.jpgAnglicans at Toronto Pride 2016

Proud Anglicans have heard from the Toronto Pride team. Our marchers are group G60. They want us to be on Bloor St between Church and Ted Rogers Way [Jarvis St] - ie in front of St Paul's Bloor St by 2pm / 1400. Please get yourself and your party (and church banners) to that area. Look for Proud Anglicans - we'll be between Proud Presbyterians and Affirm United.

Our float (a London double-decker bus) will be on Rosedale Valley Rd by 1100. They will be float G58. If you want to travel with the bus, please go down Rosedale Valley Rd and join them there. Those who are less mobile are welcome to ride the bus.

There will be a moment of silence for the entire parade at 1500 (cell-phone time), in honour of the deaths in Orlando, for 30 seconds. We will be given 3, 2 and 1 minute warnings before the silent time. We don't know if we'll be in the parade or in the marshalling area at that point.

See you there!

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