21-banner-cropped.jpgAnglicans at Toronto Pride 2015

Here's where to go and when to get there for the Pride parade, Sunday 28 June:

The bus will be in position on Rosedale Valley Rd by 1:30pm. It's in location J40 -- look for the London doubledecker bus.

If you want to walk in the parade, but don't want to go down to the bottom of the hill, the marchers are group J42. We are asked to be on Bloor St between Church and Ted Rogers Way (aka Jarvis St) at 2:45. I suggest we start to meet somewhere near the steps of St Paul's Bloor St, and once we have sufficient numbers we may move. Look for people wearing PROUD ANGLICANS sashes in various colours of the rainbow.

Bring your church banners if you can. Clergy, please wear your collar and a shirt in a colour that will give high contrast to the collar (if it's pale blue, the tab doesn't show very well).

The parade starts moving at 2:00- so a) we're fairly far back and b) plan your movements accordingly. You will not be able to cross Yonge St at ground level from north of Bloor to south of Dundas from about 1:00

If you are not as mobile as you'd like, and you can't get down the hill to the bus itself, please email parade@proudanglicans.ca

Last year, one of our clergy marchers was thanked profusely by a gay man who was returning to Uganda (NOT a friendly place for LGBT people) in a few days time. The man said it was tremendously uplifting and supportive to see Anglicans visibly being supportive of LGBT people. Proud Anglicans being in the Parade is more important to more people than we can ask or imagine.

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